Have questions? We’ve provided answers to some of our frequently asked questions below. If your question is not answered below, please contact us!

What happens if the appeal to save OPA Chino Valley is successful?

The appeal to renew Oxford Prep Chino Valley is ongoing and completely separate from the new charter submission for Oxford Rise.

If the renewal appeal is successful, our legal team has indicated that the renewal charter will allow families who attended the school in the 2016-2017 school year and completed the spring 2017 Intent to Return form to have their spots protected should the original school be renewed.

Will formerly enrolled OPA Chino Valley students automatically be enrolled in this new school?

No. As a new charter, enrollment for all grade levels at Oxford Rise is open to anyone who applies until the grade levels are filled. If more applications are received than seats available, a random public lottery will be held to fill the available seats and establish as waitlist. Families who previously attended Oxford Prep Chino Valley would be required to participate in the enrollment and lottery process for this new charter school.

As a reminder, Oxford Rise will be a tuition-free public school. Anyone who wishes to attend is invited to apply. There is no fee, test, or residency requirement to attend.

Why did you choose Chino Valley?

In response to parent demand and in recognition of the strong base of families who reside in Chino Valley who have demonstrated past and present interest in the Oxford program, we have selected Chino Valley for our new proposed school.

Additionally, Oxford Prep has a proven academic track record in the area and established relationships with the staff and members of the CVUSD Board of Education. We look forward to working with the CVUSD staff and Board to bring this new petition and school choice option back to Chino Valley families.

How does the petition process work?

This petition will be submitted to the Chino Valley Unified School District. Within 30-days of submission, a public hearing will be held to demonstrate public support for this new petition. Within 60-days of the submission date, a vote by the CVUSD Board of Education will be held to approve or deny the petition. If approved, this new K-8 charter school seeks to open for the 2018-2019 school year.

Can I sign more than one interest sheet for a proposed charter school?

Yes. There are currently multiple proposed charter petitions gathering signatures of meaningful interest and support to submit to CVUSD. We believe bringing more educational options is a positive step in supporting families and school choice in Chino Valley.

When do you plan on submitting the petition?

The charter petition for Oxford Rise will be submitted once enough signatures demonstrating public support have been gathered.

What students will attend Oxford Rise?

Our charter is petitioning for a TK-8 school. Once the charter petition is approved, all applicants will be required to participate in the enrollment and, if necessary, lottery process for Oxford Rise.

As a tuition-free public school, anyone who wishes to attend Oxford Rise is invited to apply. There is no fee, test, or residency requirement to attend.

Will students at Oxford Rise be required to wear uniforms?

All Oxford Rise students will be expected to wear clothes that comply with Oxford’s uniform dress code policy. Uniform pieces with Oxford logos are available for purchase, however, students are not required to purchase their uniform from any specific vendor. Any student or parent who needs assistance with identifying or purchasing the school uniform will be able to request help through the school office.

What World Languages will be taught at Oxford Rise?

Languages taught at Oxford Rise will include Spanish and Mandarin and may also include French, Italian, and German.

Will Oxford Rise provide free and reduced lunch?

Oxford Rise will provide free and reduced lunch through the National School Lunch Program. For more information on our new school lunch program, please visit our website here.

How is Oxford Rise different than the old school?

Oxford Rise will benefit from the intensive Recovery Plan the organization has implemented since December 2016. There are increased internal controls, monthly financial reviews completed by an independent auditing firm, and all employees have or will have received fraud and ethics training.

How is Oxford Rise the same as OPA-Chino Valley?

Oxford Rise is the newest proposed charter school from Oxford Preparatory Academy.  The organization will continue to serve the Chino Valley and surrounding areas. Students will still wear uniforms, sing the Oxford fight song, and attend classes themed after universities.

Oxford Rise continues the belief that all children can learn and all children are gifted. The Theory of Multiple Intelligences still drives our academic decisions, such as continuing to offer science lab, world language, taekwondo, band, choir, pe, and art masters.

What can I do to help?

There are a number of ways you can team with Oxford Rise to ensure a successful road to submitting our new charter petition! Please be sure to take the following steps to get involved:

1. Provide your signature of support in one of three ways!

  • Fill out our support form online
  • Print out and mail your signature form to our business office at 4740 Green River Road, Suite 210. Corona, CA 92880
  • Join us at an upcoming signature gathering event

2. Encourage friends and family to provide their signature of support for Oxford Rise. Text or email the link to our digital signature form.

3. Send an email to rise@oxfordchampions.com if you would like to join our volunteer team.

4. Follow us on social media, tag #oxfordrise, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.