Intent to Enroll Forms Due October 20th

Intent to enroll information


You have signed the interest list, please sign our Intent to Enroll form

What is the Intent to Enroll form?

Intent to Enroll forms are what are used to determine a petitioning charter schools’ facility needs. By collecting these forms from families who are interested in having their children attend Oxford Rise in 2018-2019, we can provide the District with a head count of how many students will be attending so that they can provide a “reasonably equivalent school facility” in which we can operate the school (per Proposition 39).

I already signed an interest list. Why do I need to fill out another form?

The interest list you previously signed was a requirement to submit our charter petition to the District. Thank you for signing it!

This NEW Intent to Enroll form is used to secure a facility for Oxford Rise once the petition is approved.

Please Return this form by October 20, 2017

In person, or by mail, to:
Oxford Rise
4740 Green River Road, Suite 210
Corona, CA 92880

FAX to: 951-496-4943